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The Benefits of Hydroponics

Food is an important issue that touches the lives of everyone, regardless of where they live. A mobile Juicy Grow® container is a product with unlimited applications and a global marketing potential. For profit or non-profit, philanthropy or sustenance, food remains an important global issue (including production, delivery, nutritional value, taste, cost, etc.). And the production opportunities generated by a Juicy Grow container consist of much more than food.

Harvest Consistently
With plants safe from pests and the elements, hydroponics allows for growers to grow consistently, regardless of seasonality.
Protect Year-Round
Food is typically vulnerable to extreme weather and pests. Hydroponic systems can be set up indoors, away from harmful elements.
Save Water
Hydroponic systems use significantly less water than soil-based farming and allow you to recycle the water you give to your plants.
  Reduce Labor
Hydroponic systems require no tilling, weeding, heavy-lifting, or extensive stooping and kneeling. Reduce labor without affecting yields.

Complete Plant Organic Soil Setup

Turnkey price € 2,000
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Complete Hydroponic Setup

Turnkey price € 1,500
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Complete Mini Hydroponic Setup

Turnkey price € 1,000
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What we do

From the first scratch on a notepad to the final deployment, Juicy Grow team of certified engineers, agricultures, welders, plumbers, painters, electricians and carpenters strive to deliver the perfect box based on our customers needs.

We are builders who love containers and passionate about agriculture. With over 7 years experience of modifying and building unique container projects, our professional staff can help you no matter the scope of your needs.

How does the Juicy Grow container compare to other forms of Agriculture?

Juicy Grow

Crop Cycles: 8

Year Round Production: Sometimes

Guaranteed Production: Yes

Yield per acre: 1347 Tons

Water Use (annual): 27,000 Gallons

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 80% less

Flavor: Consistency

Distribution: Simple & Close to customer


Crop Cycles: 6

Year Round Production: Sometimes

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 213 Tons

Water Use (annual): 321,200 Gallons

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 75% less

Flavor: Seasonal Variations

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient


Crop Cycles: 1-2

Year Round Production: No (seasonal)

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 9 Tons

Water Use (annual): 270,000 Gallons / Acre

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 90lb N – 175lb P – 100lb K

Flavor: Extremely High Variability

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient