Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hydroponic Grow Box?

Box Container Groups Hydroponic Grow Box is a pre-assembled hydroponic farm inside an re-cycled Iso Shipping container. It can produce yields at commercial-scale in any climate and any season.

How much produce can a 40ft container produce in a year?

Depending on the type of crop being grown the average hydroponic grow container can produce you 2-4 tons of crop per year.

What are the annual operation costs for a Box Container Grow Box?

While annual operation costs vary, average costs are €16,000 per year (including electricity, water and growing supplies).

What power supply does the Box Container Grow Box require to function?

A standard single-phase 120/240-volt 60-amp connection, or three-phase 120/208. As for the water, no hard-plumbing is necessary — just access to potable water (via garden hose, water jugs, etc.) is all you need. The average Hydroponic container consumes on average 125 kWh of energy per day, or around 36,000 kWH annually. Electricity consumption can vary based on the climate that the container is operating in.

What can I grow in my hydroponic container?

You can grow a variety of leafy greens inside your hydroponic unit including herbs (mint, basil, oregano), lettuces (bibb, romaine, arugula), brassica (cabbage, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, kale), and more!

Is it Relocatable?

It’s relocatable – zonings and laws change, partnerships change – GrowBox allows you to stay flexible. Also, no build permits are required because it’s non-permanent equipment. Check with your local municipality for placement permits or other zoning rules to follow.

Is it Modular? Insulated? Automated?

Yes, Yes, and Yes! It is modular so you can configure 2 or more containers to separate nurseries from maturing plants and they can be stacked in a multi-purpose warehouse. All containers come insulated for outdoor growing in all seasons with temperature control and lighting automation.

Is it Resellable?

Your Juicy Grow container will be available to resell if circumstances change – not as scrap or excess equipment but as a fully functional mobile grow business, that just needs to be plugged in to be ready to produce on delivery.